Please pray. Now

Sh-t! My water just broke.
So many scenarios running through my head. So hard to not have any control.
Taking a deep breath. Ok, so now what? what’s the plan?
Upping contraction medication. Round of steroid shots. Antibiotics.
I need to keep them in for at least a few more days, past the steroid shots. Then, who knows. Maybe I can keep them in for weeks. I sure will try.
Of course, Chanan is sick…Hashem has a sense of humor…
Possibly strep. He won’t be able to come near me till he finishes at least 2 days of antibiotics.
It’s a weird feeling. I feel like I’m muting out the world and trying to fine tune my uterus. Be in touch with every minute change inside.
Please pray for us.
Geuliyah Shomrona Bat Leah Rachel
גאוליה שומרונה בת לאה רחל



12 thoughts on “Please pray. Now

  1. Courage dear Geulah. At this moment it takes a woman’s courage and determination together with God’s help and hopefully the kids’ determination that they need to remain a bit more in there;) You are in my mind and prayers.

  2. My water broke at 17 weeks,5 days with Jordan. He stayed in until 28 weeks! Praying for you and the 3 little ones! Facebook or email me if you want to talk…

  3. Please keep your strength and your courage! I kept my baby inside for 8 weeks following Premature Ruptured Membranes. B’ezrat Hashem, you’ve made it to 28 weeks already! That is a major milestone!

  4. Reading your blog reminded me of my journey nine months ago. I did not lose a baby mI’m really sorry you had to lose one of your beautiful babies) but I had a short cervix and I was carrying twins. I was admitted to hospital on strict bed rest at 22 weeks with a cervix measuring 1cm until my boys were born at 31 + 6. They are both healthy with no ill effects of being premature. They stayed in hospital in nicu and special care nursery and we took them home at 35 + 6. I wish you all the best with the rest of your journey. How many weeks along are you?

  5. Praying for you!! I was able to keep my trips in for two weeks after my water broke with all the meds, steroids, etc. it’s possible but not easy!! Wishing you peace, patience (more than I had) and health!!

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