Feeling blessed

Laying in my hospital bed with my eldest daughter Shirel, sleeping on the cot beside me. She spent the night with me. Feeling blessed.

I’m now off all contraction meds,
Things have really quieted down.

Shabbat at home was incredible.
It was so lovely to feel like a family unit again. Shabbat Dinner was nothing short of magical. My dear friends cooked for us. Every bite tasted like a piece of heaven.
Lunch by my parents was full of love.
It does help that I’ve gotten some of my appetite back, and have been eating mostly nothing other than hospital food for the last month…
I’ve lost weight since I’ve been here, but thank g-d babies are growing well.

Yesterday my friend Lena came and gave me the most pampering facial. I feel cleansed. Inside and out.

The kids also came yesterday for a visit. We had a lovely picnic outside in the garden. Aside from the bees trying to get into our food, it was perfect. After we ate, I watched the kids doing cartwheels in the grass. Shalevi is now talking so much. he insisted on pushing my wheelchair, saying “push it, Imma”. It is so nice to have this sense of perspective, and to be able to capture the little joys in your children’s eyes.

Tomorrow I’ll have another ultrasound to check on cervical length.
It looks like ill be able to go home again for Shabbat. I think the Dr.s see how good it’s been for me. So excited…

I will update you all before Shabbat.
Sending out there so much love.
Chodesh Tov! ( it is also my birthday month..)



3 thoughts on “Feeling blessed

  1. Ever since I saw you in Cafe Hillel at Ein Karem, every time I pass,I glance and look for you. Your blog posts have been such an inspiration. It really is helping me understand that statistics is just that- statistics. What really happens- is completely up to Hashem. Emunah that the right thing will happen. We do the best we can, and the rest is in His hands.

  2. It is so inspiring to read your blog- such strength and courage! We think about you and wish you and all your family (including the ones in utero!) the very best. You are a wonderful role model for every one.
    Love and best wishes from all your Baltimore cousins,( Your grandmother, Inge and Irving had the same grandmother,Rosetta Neuburger, in case you do not know the relationship)
    Shirley and Irving Simon and family

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