Full Days

I take back my statement from my last post, that I find the days mostly boring and mundane. This week is going by so quickly, B”h. I’ve had lovely visitors, and have somehow found myself mostly busy. Feeling my days are full.

On Tuesday, Chanan and I went down to the “food truck” that has been traveling around J-M for the last few weeks during the summer festivals. It parked here at the hospital grounds, and was accompanied by live music. We had a nice outing, and were photographed by the festival photographer. Definitely a day to cherish.

Yesterday my Shireli finally came home. She looked radiant. Thank you dear overseas family for taking such good care of her…
She is now officially taller than I am!

Last night I had an ultrasound. Both babies are growing beautifully. Baby A is no longer anemic! My cervix looks better and is longer. I guess hospital bed rest is doing good things for my girls and I.

I’m afraid to jinx it… But it looks like I managed to convince my dear doctors to let me go home for Shabbat. I will have to return as soon as Shabbat is out. Considering I’ve been here for a month, even a short visit home will be wonderful. I’ll get to cuddle with my children in my own bed and see lovely friends and neighbors. It will give me strength to nourish and grow my babies hopefully for many more weeks.

Today, a lovely beautician (thank you Clara!) came to pamper me, do my nails, eyebrows etc. Such a treat. I found it quite amusing trying to wax around my i.v. port…

I’d like to end with some words of Torah (thank you Dear friend and Rabbi, Reb Shlomo Katz) from this Shabbats Parashat Shavuah, Re’eh:
״רְאֵה, אָנֹכִי נֹתֵן לִפְנֵיכֶם–הַיּוֹם: בְּרָכָה, וּקְלָלָה.״
“Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse.”

ראה אנוכי
It can also be read as: I am giving you your vision. know who you are. Behold, see yourself, who you are, as an individual. Who you can become. What you can do. What your purpose is. Today.

נותן לפניכם
Giving it to you in the midst of all of Am Yisrael. Where am I?
Hashem will let you know where you are in the master plan, as part of the community. כולנו כאחד

Today. How long is the day?
The day is long. It is a blessing when even though it feels like it passes so quickly, it is full of purpose. Of a vision of what I’m capable of doing. Now, before ר״ח אלול, lets focus on what’s important. Getting a glimpse of who we are. Choosing between a-

ברכה או קללה
Making the day purposeful or mundane.

״אורך ימים אשביעהו״
By giving the day purpose Hashem nourishes us with אורך ימים, length of days.
When you have vision of who you are, everything else lasts forever. Is eternal.

Let us go into the month of אלול
Figuring out and seeing who we are. Who we can be. Everyone is important. Let us choose if today is a ברכה, a blessing or a קללה, a curse. Let’s show up on Rosh Hashana with a clear vision and foresight of who we can become.

I feel that during this time on bed rest in the hospital, I’m going through fine tuning. Being clearly shown who I truly am, what i am capable of and who I can become! “Orech Yamim”, length of days, Tell me about it. Hospital bed rest… B”h the days are full, nourishing and going by fast.
But are really long and full of accomplishment and meaning!

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom, and Chodesh Tov.



3 thoughts on “Full Days

  1. I just realized I saw you at the foodtruck. You were there at the same time as me and I overheard your husband telling someone about you – reading this post I am really sorry I didn’t hang around and strike up a conversation as I would have loved to meet you.

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