The last day of summer vacation

This is the first chance I’ve had to write..
I’m balancing between my 5 kids at home, my 2 in the Nicu, along with trying to have something to give to Chanan as well. Boy does he deserve some much needed TLC…
I’ve been going in to the Nicu every day and spending many hours there.
I’m driving myself in, though i just learnt that I’m not suppose to drive after a c section! i dont think any of the rules apply to a mother of preemies…
It feels right for me to be there, in the Nicu right by my babies. There really isn’t another place I’d rather be. I’m still healing from the c section. Still extremely hormonal. It doesn’t feel natural to have given birth and be separated from my babies. I just want to study their every feature, watch their every breath. Place my loving hands on them. Cuddle them. Get to know them. Even though I do feel like I’ve known them forever. I’ve felt their energy, who they are, long before they were born.
I am also still very much grieving my baby b. It’s not during a certain time of day. It’s a feeling that is always there, intertwined with all my other emotions. It’s an emptiness, a void that is at times muted in the background, and at times pulling loudly in my chest. Basically I’m a basket case at any given moment..
The last few days have been very scary. First Zoey got sick. She was having a hard time breathing, and her color seemed gray. It happened on wednesday, the morning after I was released from the hospital. I had an argument with Chanan that morning. He had wanted me to rest, heal. To stay in bed for the day. He would bring my milk to the hospital, to the girls. I couldn’t stay home. As much as I needed and wanted to. My place is by Mia and Zoey’s side. I walked in to the Nicu that morning with the Dr’s all standing around Zoey’s incubator. They were taking blood, doing a spinal tap, starting her on antibiotics. Taking all precautions. Of course I was terrified, and very emotional. Goldy the social worker came to sit by my side. Thank g-d they caught it early. Zoey had a staf infection, but is responding well to antibiotics.
That night, Chanan came to visit the girls, and Mia started having difficulty breathing. She too had a slew of tests done, she too has an infection. A bacterial infection called klabsiala. It can be antibiotic resistant, but thank g-d Mia is being a good girl, and is also responding well to the antibiotics. I feel like I’ve been having 50 heart attacks a day with them. I am trying to trust them. They are strong. They can do this. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing how many people are praying for them around the world.

On Shabbat I was home. I needed to rest. Gain strength for the new coming week, and all the adventures to come.
It is wonderful being surrounded by my family, but it is hard still being so limited around them. There is still so much I can’t do… Shalev, after seeing my incision scar, came over with a tissue to rub on my “bubu”. He’s been so yummy. He has a whole new and growing vocabulary I need to get used to..
My girls are all loving and helpful. Being united again is doing good things for us all.
We have a new au-pair staying with us. It is a new reality for us, as it is new for her. We are still very much in survival mode, and are trying to make the best of the situation.

The Kids are starting school tomorrow. My Imma (mom) has been incredibly helpful getting all their School supplies (something that is somewhat of a nightmare for any parent..).
Today is the last day of vacation. I decided to stay home today, and we will try to do something all together for the first time this summer!
I pumped and left enough milk for Mia and Zoey and plan on calling to check in once every few hours. (Who am I kidding, prob. More like once every 20 minutes..).
After looking for our car keys for almost 2 hours, we gave up and borrowed my Abba’s (father) car. Here are the kids sleeping on the way to the beach.
Thank g-d for pain killers…
Wish us luck!


Home, but not quite yet

Being a Nicu mom is new territory.
It’s a new reality. My precious little tiny babies are in the incubators. Side by side. The first few days I couldn’t even touch them. They wanted them as undisturbed as possible. I saw their-oh so familiar movements from within. The stretching, kicking, even hiccups, yawns and smiles. At times they even open their eyes and look around. Observing, seriously contemplating their new existence.
On day 3 I got to hold them. I melted. A feeling of deep peace, calmness and oneness. It felt like they were back where they belonged. Every time I hold them I find myself in a deep relaxation that I’ve never before experienced. Each kangaroo time is about an hour. I hold them one at a time skin to skin. I feel their heart beating, their steady breathing, and they feel mine. My body heat regulated theirs. The nurses and I joke, and came up with the newest new age therapy: We call it ‘premie therapy’. I predict it’ll be the new fad…
I’m also learning what all the wires around them are. It looks scary but mostly they are wires to monitor their temperature and oxygen saturation. They also have an iv in and a feeding tube. They started out being fed through the iv. They also get meds through it. Even caffeine! (Can you imagine a caffeine drip? Heaven..!).
They are doing very well. I’m scared to say it. To write it. “Bli Ayin Harah”. Tfu Tfu.
They are feisty little survivers. The truth is they look like a cross between angry old men, aliens and monkeys…but they are beautiful and getting more beautiful by the minute. They already have clear personalities. Mia knows what she wants, and makes sure to let herself be known. The nurses say she’s very smart. Zoey is a chiller. Still blissfully unaware. She’s a cuddler. A sensitive soul. She needed a little help at first with the oxygen, and had a tube by her nose. Now she’s off the pressured air, and is getting a boost of air into her incubator. Both incubators are humidified. Padded. Over all seems nice and cozy.
They are off some initial meds, and are getting less and less through the iv, and more and more of my milk each day through the feeding tube. They both have a strong sucking reflex, and love their premie pacifiers. They are now gaining weight nicely. They both had uneventful brain scans.
Basically they are ‘ boring’. May it remain that way…
The nurses are very professional, loving and caring. They have their own nick names for them. They always handle them with love and respect.
The Doctors are devoted as can be. Smadar the head Doctor came down to L&D when I was in labor in order to prepare me, and to answer our questions. It made such a difference. Really lowered my anxiety towards this experience. Hilit, another dr. ends her shift by saying goodbye to each premie “don’t make me worried” she says as she parts with them. Apparently she has older twins of her own.
Yesterday I was discharged and came home. The night before was a transition out of maternity ward, and into the nearby hospital hotel. Chanan stayed with me. We ate a nice dinner together. I enjoyed about 5 bowls of soup. We both felt as if it was the first good meal we’ve had in a long time. We enjoyed each others company and got to talk and reconnect.
I pumped milk, and Chanan brought it to the girls, and got some of his own kangaroo time with Mia. I planned on going to see them at night, like I had done in the hospital. But, as soon as I got into bed, I realized how sore, tired, battered and achy my body was. I hadn’t really slept since before the birth. I put my head down, and had my first good nights sleep. Usually after my (natural) births, I get into bed and cuddle my baby. I don’t leave my bed for 2 weeks. As i instruct my birthing ladies. I think it’s so important to rest and heal after birth. This time I am up and down, going back and forth. Pumping every few hours, along with trying to recover from a c section. I’m apparently not allowing it to slow me down…my girls need me..!
After my good nights sleep, as soon as I walked into the Nicu, I started bawling. I had missed them so much! After holding them and getting a good report on them I was able to calm down.
I had my many staples removed yesterday. Such a relief. I feel like my body is starting to heal. I’m still taking pain meds, anything I do is too much. I try not to notice, while I’m with the girls. I wish I could just stay in bed..

Coming home last night was wonderful. My family worked hard all day getting the house ready for my return. It was beautiful. I got to eat dinner with them. Give them all good night kisses, and sink into my bed. Chanan gave me a much needed foot massage, and finally some water retention came down!

Now, it’s morning. Time to pump again, eat breakfast and head to the hospital to visit my Mia Bug and Zoey Bean.



Welcome to the world

Late wednesday night, early thursday morning, I began having contractions: “Oh, that’s prob. Nothing”, I thought to myself.
Just before, Dr. Yuval Gialchinsky texted me to check in. I told him nothing was going on, and to expect a quiet night.
“I’ll just take a nice hot shower, and go to sleep” I decided. And so, I did. An hour later, at 2 am, a cleaning lady decided it was the crucial time to empty my garbage can in my room. It woke me up. I was so frustrated. Since becoming a mother, almost 13 years ago, my sleep is light. I always have one ear and eye open, listening for my children’s needs…I guess being on call as a doula, as well as being pregnant doesn’t help with the light sleeping either…
After my initial anger at being so abruptly woken up, I realized that I was still having steady contractions. I figured, I am in the hospital on bed rest, I should probably tell someone about this… I walked over to the nurses station, and told the chatty nurse that I wanted to go down to the delivery room to get checked out.
I figured, it’s prob. Nothing. They’ll be able to stop it. No need to bother Dr. Gialtzinsky yet. No need to wake up Chanan (who was not feeling well. On antibiotics for an abscess in his wisdom tooth, that he had scheduled to pull out the next day).
An orderly came, and wheeled me down to L&D (labor and delivery). I noticed that I was very alert. Wide awake and in a good mood. I brought nothing down with me. “No need”, I figured. They’ll send me right back up. “I’ll be back in bed in an hour”, ” I’m just being responsible and safe” I thought to myself. Boy, was I in serious denial, possibly delusional.

When I got down to the “Cheder Leida”, the triage of the delivery room, I felt immediately at home. I’ve been a doula for 12 years. This is my home away from home. I was surrounded by familiar faces. Warm doctors and midwives. I felt in good hands. Rachel, a friend and midwife that checked me, I was 1.5 cm dialated, 80% effaced. My contractions, though, at this point were not painful, were still steadily coming. The dr. on call decided to start with the ‘magnesium protocol’. I would be getting 12 hours of magnesium intravenously in order to help protect my babies brains from cp. and possible brain bleeds that could occur, if they would be born now, at this stage. The magnesium could also help slow down or stop contractions. Once I knew the plan, I facebooked a closed group of friends, letting them know what was going on. Still hoping I wouldn’t need to call Chanan.
As I lay in the hospital bed, attached to 3 monitors: 2monitoring my babies, 1 monitoring my contractions. Connected to 2 iv’s: the magnesium drip and an antibiotic drip (because of my amniotic fluid leaking from the day before), I thought to myself, this is so surreal. Had I walked in on any other laboring woman, I would tell her: ‘get up, off your back, get moving, off the monitor’. But, I was trying to ignore the contractions and keep my legs closed and my babies in…
The initial, larger dose of magnesium made me nauseous, hot and clammy. That’s when I decided to call my Imma (mom) . Soon after, by morning I called Chanan. And realized I was getting teary eyed, and the words that were coming out of my mouth were: “the contractions are getting stronger”. That was the first moment I realized, this may be it…
My good (doula) friend Batsheva was on her way, leaving a sick child at home. I was so great-full!
First, my mom arrived, then Chanan. After a short while Dr. G called to speak with me on the phone, and then came in. He was updated by the staff at L&D. He was smiley and calm. He said that we will all do our best to stop this. But, if this is it, we are at a good place. I was about to receive my 2nd round (1st at 24 weeks) and 2nd dose of steroid shots to help prepare babies lungs. I was getting magnesium, which was passing to the babies. I would be getting more meds to try and stop the contractions. He also said that a nice amount of time had passed from the laser surgery. Babies were stronger. I was at a milestone of 28 weeks. Babies were considered good weights. He was so reassuring and positive. I was so thankful. We were still talking about keeping them in till 32 weeks. It was a nice goal and dream. I told him, “I think I’m progressing. I think I’m about 3cm”. “How do you know” he asked? With genuine curiosity. I think he feels that I am some type of sorcerer.. ” just a feeling” I said. He asked if he could check me. I agreed.
Once he checked, he said with a surprised look: ” you’re right. 3 cm. almost fully effaced”. He later told me, that I had been already 4 cm dilated…
At that moment the OR nurse walked in, in order to prepare me for an imminent c section. Dr. G sent her away. “No, no she’s not having a c section yet. Lets see which way this is going. Lets buy the babies more time”. We discussed some options. I felt safe. I felt that I had a team watching my back (or rather my uterus and my babies..).
Dr. G went back to teaching at the hospital university. I would keep him updated. He said he would come in a minutes notice.
By this point Batsheva walked in. She grabbed my doula birthing bag, that Chanan had just brought from home, and started using my oils. Rubbing my feet. Dr’s and nurses were coming in to the room, being pulled in by the scent and energy of the oils. I was feeling loved. I had one hand in Chanan’s hand, one hand in my imma’s hand. My feet were being rubbed by Batsheva, and my brother walked in, and gave me a kiss. (My Abba (father) wished he was here, he was busy caring for my other children..).
Contractions were coming. At times close and intense and at times far apart. My body, my mind was deciding: “is this it?”, are the babies coming? Is this their time? Or, could I hold them in? ” I felt like this was happening. but, I was also getting medication to try and stop it. I was being pulled in every direction. I was not fighting, not controlling, not scared. Just flowing. Observing, breathing. Trusting. I was listening to hypnobirthing guided imagery and guided meditation. Had my eyes covered. Batsheva was working hard cooling down my burning up body (from the magnesium) with cold compresses. I was In my zone. Still unsure if this was “it”. My labors are usually quick and powerful. This was calm, focused, collected. It was part of this pregnancies journey. Part of my path and my teaching/learning. I am not in control. I am in good hands. I am letting go, and doing my best. Trusting the process and the people who are sent to help me. Trusting Hashem (g-d).
Midwives shift changed. Vera left, Batya arrived. Everyone was perfect. Just as it should be.
Time went by. I had to stay in bed. At times heaving into a bucket, at times peeing into a potty. I could tell I was progressing.
In Hebrew there is a saying. Especially used in birth. “B’shaa Tovah”. In the right time. All in due time. I felt, that whatever would happen, would be in the right moment. In the right time. Whether labor would stop, or I’d be having my babies, it would be in good time. In the exact moment it should be.
Before shifts changed again, Batya got the ok from the dr’s to give me a short shower break (that I was pleading for, for some time..). I went to the shower with Chanan, and had a luxurious 30 minute shower. This was familiar. This was how I was used to laboring (my 5 other children). Contractions were coming strong and close. It felt right.
As soon as I got back to the room after the shower, it all slowed down again. It was ok with me. I wasn’t trying to bring anything on. I wasn’t controlling or holding back. I was just being. Observing. Riding the waves.
Chanan was in pain. High on pain meds. I had sent him to my room upstairs to rest a bit.
Shifts changed again. I moved to another room. Moriyah the midwife came and left. She must have not been the right match for me…Carmella was now my midwife. it helps to know theses midwives well. She seems tough, but is actually soft and caring inside. She is very professional and had already updated Dr. Gialchinsky. At this point Dr’s shift was changing. A slew of familiar, fresh faced smiley dr’s walked in. They shut the magnesium off. My 12 hours were done. I think on some level, i felt safe to now, let my body take over. The important magnesium course was done…The plan was to receive more antibiotics, contraction meds and observe. If all was well, I’d go back up to the ward, and try and keep babies in longer. On one hand I was making plans with friends to come bring me dinner (I hadn’t drinken or eaten all day..except for a bit of cheating here and there), on the other hand I couldn’t imagine going up to the ward, holding babies in like this for hours, days or weeks. I knew I was still having contractions…
I had just discussed with Batsheva and my Imma different options. I thought that there was no point in being checked. I thought to myself ” what does it matter if I’m 5 cm or 7 cm, if contractions aren’t coming steadily, maybe I can still hold them in. Better not to know…”.
I got up off the bed to pee. I then had a strong mamma contraction. Carmella took one look at me, and said: “I’d like to check you”. Ironically, I immediately agreed.
” 5cm, wait, 7cm. Don’t push!” She said.
“Imma, run. Go get Chanan”.
I ordered.
Dr’s rushed in. Started wheeling me into the OR. Wait, I said. “Please call Dr. G.”
I was at peace with having a c-section. I was at peace with having it when I was ready. When my body was ready. Not before. Not at 3 cm.
This was it. This was the time. I did have fantasies in my head. Alternate realities. Pushing out baby A. Keeping baby C inside for months longer. But, I felt a true clear reality that these babies needed to arrive gently. Safely. Obliviously. A Caesarian was ok with me. I wasn’t scared. It was all just happening very fast.
As a doula, I do all I can to prevent a woman from having an unnecessary c section. There is nothing more frustrating than watching a woman have a Caesarian, and feel like it could have been prevented. Feel like she was pressured into it, or feel like she was ill informed…
I didn’t feel like that at all. I felt strong. Focused. Powerful. A Mamma about to have her cubs. I was ready. I felt like these precious preemie babies were coming, and I, had already gone through a lifetime together with them. This was the culmination of it all. The end, and yet just the beginning. I was excited to meet my babies a and c. Looking forward to part with my angel, baby b.
Batsheva was walking beside me teary eyed, as they wheeled me into the OR. I managed to get a glimpse of Chanan and my mom through the door. Got a cherished wave and a kiss.
In the OR, everything was happening so fast. I requested an epidural and not general. But, I was already fully dilated. They were prepping me for general. All of a sudden, Rachel the midwife appeared beside me. Grounding me. Holding my hand. A quick few deep breathes and I was out.
I awoke to dr. G sitting beside me. He was holding baby B. I had a precious moment with her. She was dainty and perfect. She had a footprint in this world.
Everything looked a bit blurry, because at this point I didn’t have my glasses on. He assured me that he had taken pictures of her. In the midst of this crazy scenario he had managed to arrive into the operating room. Speak to the head dr. In the Nicu. And give me the time, place and emotional support with baby b. I was so great-full.

Chanan was up with the babies in the Nicu.
I was being taken to recovery, where I was reunited with my support team. I heard the babies were doing well. Came out with strong cries. I was relieved.
I was also, taken back by the pain. Kept on asking for more pain meds. This hurt. A lot.
I was in recovery for a few hours, then taken to a room upstairs in the maternity ward by the Nicu. I couldn’t go in to see my babies yet. I had to wait 8 hours after surgery. That felt like torture. I ended up sneaking in sooner.
My babies were beautiful. Dainty, yet perfect. Their incubators side by side. They were tiny. Baby a weighing 830 gram, baby c (now b) weighing 1000 gram. They are beautiful. Perfectly formed. They look like they belonged to me. To the Elias clan. They are fighters. Survivors. They could do this. It felt like I was glimpsing into their mysterious place in my womb. They are here, but not quite yet here. It will be a few days till hopefully I can hold them and give them kangaroo care. This will be another journey. I am so in love!

We decided to name our precious girls today. So that we can all use their names for prayers.
Baby A is Mia Emunah. Faith from G-d. She and her identical sister are our deep teachers of faith.
Baby B is Zohar (Zoey) Osher Aviyah. Zohar Osher, Liminous happiness. (As she was blissfully unaware of the woes going on bellow her penthouse in the womb…). Aviyah after Chanans Abba (father) that recently passed. As well as her being the child of Hashem (g-d).

Please keep them in your prayers.

מיה אמונה בת גאוליה שומרונה

זהר אושר אביה בת גאוליה שומרונה



Please pray. Now

Sh-t! My water just broke.
So many scenarios running through my head. So hard to not have any control.
Taking a deep breath. Ok, so now what? what’s the plan?
Upping contraction medication. Round of steroid shots. Antibiotics.
I need to keep them in for at least a few more days, past the steroid shots. Then, who knows. Maybe I can keep them in for weeks. I sure will try.
Of course, Chanan is sick…Hashem has a sense of humor…
Possibly strep. He won’t be able to come near me till he finishes at least 2 days of antibiotics.
It’s a weird feeling. I feel like I’m muting out the world and trying to fine tune my uterus. Be in touch with every minute change inside.
Please pray for us.
Geuliyah Shomrona Bat Leah Rachel
גאוליה שומרונה בת לאה רחל


Digging deep, yet again

I think I’ve been a little delusional.

Last week, after a good ultrasound and stable cervical length (for the 2nd week in a row). I was allowed to go home for Shabbat. I had a wonderful Shabbat at home. Pure bliss. Quiet family dinner. Kvelling over my kids. Lunch by friends. Couldn’t have asked for anything more.

This week, I’ve been feeling good. I’ve been allowing myself to do a bit more…
I went out yesterday to a lovely double birthday lunch with my mother in law and Chanan, who share a birthday. It was great. Good food. Good company. I was basking in the warm rays of sun. Enjoying the outdoor fresh air.

Last night I had my weekly “date” with Dr. G. I gave him this whole speech that I had written in my head all week long. How I’ve been feeling so good and have been off contraction medication, and how I should be going home and continuing bed rest there.
I need my kids, and they need me. I also know that despite my best efforts, when I’m home I end up doing a bit here and there. More than I should…
I still want to go home. I’ll do my very best. I’ll have help, and I know that Chanan will watch over me like a hawk.
Yuval listened intently. Then checked my Cervix. It had shortened. Substantially. He was worried. No talk of going home now. Might go back on contraction medication, and get another round of steroid shots…

It’s time for me to dig deep again. Release fear. Release control. Find more ko’ach. Back to strict bed rest, Laying down (I have been sitting up much more..).

I guess this coming Shabbat will be here. I will try to stop planning ahead.
B”h both of my babies are doing great. They both weigh over a kilo, and look happy and healthy.
I have the very important job of keeping them in. Keeping them happy and healthy. Praying that they stay safely inside. As long as possible.
Only i can solely do this. With Hashem’s help, and your prayers.
Thank you.



Feeling blessed

Laying in my hospital bed with my eldest daughter Shirel, sleeping on the cot beside me. She spent the night with me. Feeling blessed.

I’m now off all contraction meds,
Things have really quieted down.

Shabbat at home was incredible.
It was so lovely to feel like a family unit again. Shabbat Dinner was nothing short of magical. My dear friends cooked for us. Every bite tasted like a piece of heaven.
Lunch by my parents was full of love.
It does help that I’ve gotten some of my appetite back, and have been eating mostly nothing other than hospital food for the last month…
I’ve lost weight since I’ve been here, but thank g-d babies are growing well.

Yesterday my friend Lena came and gave me the most pampering facial. I feel cleansed. Inside and out.

The kids also came yesterday for a visit. We had a lovely picnic outside in the garden. Aside from the bees trying to get into our food, it was perfect. After we ate, I watched the kids doing cartwheels in the grass. Shalevi is now talking so much. he insisted on pushing my wheelchair, saying “push it, Imma”. It is so nice to have this sense of perspective, and to be able to capture the little joys in your children’s eyes.

Tomorrow I’ll have another ultrasound to check on cervical length.
It looks like ill be able to go home again for Shabbat. I think the Dr.s see how good it’s been for me. So excited…

I will update you all before Shabbat.
Sending out there so much love.
Chodesh Tov! ( it is also my birthday month..)


Full Days

I take back my statement from my last post, that I find the days mostly boring and mundane. This week is going by so quickly, B”h. I’ve had lovely visitors, and have somehow found myself mostly busy. Feeling my days are full.

On Tuesday, Chanan and I went down to the “food truck” that has been traveling around J-M for the last few weeks during the summer festivals. It parked here at the hospital grounds, and was accompanied by live music. We had a nice outing, and were photographed by the festival photographer. Definitely a day to cherish.

Yesterday my Shireli finally came home. She looked radiant. Thank you dear overseas family for taking such good care of her…
She is now officially taller than I am!

Last night I had an ultrasound. Both babies are growing beautifully. Baby A is no longer anemic! My cervix looks better and is longer. I guess hospital bed rest is doing good things for my girls and I.

I’m afraid to jinx it… But it looks like I managed to convince my dear doctors to let me go home for Shabbat. I will have to return as soon as Shabbat is out. Considering I’ve been here for a month, even a short visit home will be wonderful. I’ll get to cuddle with my children in my own bed and see lovely friends and neighbors. It will give me strength to nourish and grow my babies hopefully for many more weeks.

Today, a lovely beautician (thank you Clara!) came to pamper me, do my nails, eyebrows etc. Such a treat. I found it quite amusing trying to wax around my i.v. port…

I’d like to end with some words of Torah (thank you Dear friend and Rabbi, Reb Shlomo Katz) from this Shabbats Parashat Shavuah, Re’eh:
״רְאֵה, אָנֹכִי נֹתֵן לִפְנֵיכֶם–הַיּוֹם: בְּרָכָה, וּקְלָלָה.״
“Behold, I set before you today a blessing and a curse.”

ראה אנוכי
It can also be read as: I am giving you your vision. know who you are. Behold, see yourself, who you are, as an individual. Who you can become. What you can do. What your purpose is. Today.

נותן לפניכם
Giving it to you in the midst of all of Am Yisrael. Where am I?
Hashem will let you know where you are in the master plan, as part of the community. כולנו כאחד

Today. How long is the day?
The day is long. It is a blessing when even though it feels like it passes so quickly, it is full of purpose. Of a vision of what I’m capable of doing. Now, before ר״ח אלול, lets focus on what’s important. Getting a glimpse of who we are. Choosing between a-

ברכה או קללה
Making the day purposeful or mundane.

״אורך ימים אשביעהו״
By giving the day purpose Hashem nourishes us with אורך ימים, length of days.
When you have vision of who you are, everything else lasts forever. Is eternal.

Let us go into the month of אלול
Figuring out and seeing who we are. Who we can be. Everyone is important. Let us choose if today is a ברכה, a blessing or a קללה, a curse. Let’s show up on Rosh Hashana with a clear vision and foresight of who we can become.

I feel that during this time on bed rest in the hospital, I’m going through fine tuning. Being clearly shown who I truly am, what i am capable of and who I can become! “Orech Yamim”, length of days, Tell me about it. Hospital bed rest… B”h the days are full, nourishing and going by fast.
But are really long and full of accomplishment and meaning!

Wishing you all a Shabbat Shalom, and Chodesh Tov.