Another day under my belt

Being in this hospital women ward, I find myself stepping into my very natural born doula role. Since I’ve been here, I’ve met numerous ladies I’ve helped before, that were here for different reasons. At first, i didn’t have strength to take the supporting role. Now, It looks like I do…
A few days ago, at the ‘support group’ I met some first time pregnant Mammas that have been here on bed rest for months.
I gave them a little impromptu pre birthing class. A little of my ‘I believe’ birth Torah. Mainly helping them release some of the pent up fear that has accumulated during their stay here, working so hard keeping their babies safe.

Today, one of my special birthing ladies was admitted to the room next door to me. After many years of infertility, she gave birth with me a few years ago to a precious baby girl, . Her birth then was a beautiful, quick birth. It was as though after so many years of infertility, she didn’t need a long process to become a mother. She was ready. Her birth was quick, smooth and powerful.
Now, we meet here in the ward, where she is in the room next door miscarrying her 20 week boy fetus.
I had the privilege of holding her hand through the process. When I saw her baby, he was a perfect sleeping angel. It was amazing to get a glimpse into the mysteries of what lies in the womb during different stages of pregnancy. The fetus seemed so peaceful and calm, yet he wasn’t meant to stay in this world, just to pass through it.
It made me think of my baby B. She’s still perfect inside of me. She is still passing between the worlds. I feel very honored to have been chosen to carry her, along with her vibrant, heathy, strong sisters.

On another note, yesterday’s ultrasound showed my cervix to be the same length. Which is good news! Today’s ultrasound shows 2 perfect growing babies.

Chanan arranged a hairdresser to come and pamper me today.

Another good day under my belt!



4 thoughts on “Another day under my belt

  1. Geula,
    You amaze and inspire me! What a powerful story! That poor woman who miscarried couldn’t have had a better person with her. What a bracha that you were there!
    Since it’s my birthday, I have a birthday bracha for you. May you and your family be abundantly blessed with health, strength, endurance, love and appreciation for one another and (in the perfect time) the addition of two healthy, easy-going babies!! May you all look back on this time with gratitude for the gifts that it brought your family! So glad to read that the babies are doing well!!! Keeping you in our prayers!!

  2. You’re incredible Geula. I am honored to know you and your family.
    Your Emunah is so infectious. Bryna Aster, Efrata

  3. Hi Geula- I couldn’t sleep. so I finally have a chance to respond to your blog- Here on the street things are pretty much the same

    Your kids are lovely and bubbly-
    when I hear them or talk with them they seem to have their own little support group going on, helping each other out, feeling connected in this journey together as a family.

    You and Chanan have given them a great gift- the gift of being able to express how they feel, and share it, gathering support and confirmation along the way (they learn by example, and by being heard when they share what they are feeling).

    We continue to pray for you and the babies and for the beautiful energy and spirit that was baby B,

    I strongly agree with all of the people that have written that Hashem and your babies have chosen you to carry them through this voyage (they actually look pretty calm and satisfied in there!). I pray that this gives you strength to keep on doing your incredible work.

    May you find strength in the amazing things that you have- hearing your kids on the phone and getting to hug them when they are near you, having an amazing husband to miss and love and argue with, and parents near by who love and support you in all that they do, and of course all of your friends who surround you with love and support, each in their own way.

    Oh yes- it occurred to me that being on shmira in the age of computers and internet has got to have its advantages (it used to be only books and magazines to keep one occupied while they had to stay in bed!)

    Breathe in all of the wonder and joy and support that is being sent out to you-
    Keep your vision of bringing your babies home safe and sound in your mind’s eye-

    May Hashem bless your journey- b’bracha, Shelly

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