Intrauterine Laser Surgery

Hey All. Geula here. I am a Doula, Childbirth educator, Chinese medicine practitioner, Wife and a Mama of 5 beautiful children, 4 girls and a boy. I also happen to be pregnant with Natural triplets, while on an IUD!
A lot of people have been asking me to start a blog. I am in the hospital at the moment awaiting surgery. I have a pair of Identical twins + 1 Fraternal twin. The identical twins are suffering from severe TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) so here goes…

It’s 6 am. Barely slept a wink all night long. Going into surgery soon. My beautiful, special, loved, wanted identical twin girls are in trouble. In distress. TTTS. The dreaded syndrome that only happens in 10-15 % of identical’s. But hey, percentages mean nothing.

The laser surgery has a 30 % chance of both making it. 30 % chance one will make it and 30 % they both (g-d forbid) wont make it. This puts baby c at risk as well.
We have chosen Dr. Yuval Gialchinsky as our conduit. I feel like be is an Angel walking on earth. My messenger. I believe Hashem has led him to me.
I am taking this huge leap of faith, completely submitting myself and me and my babies into Hashem’s hands.

This whole entire pregnancy is about letting go. Releasing control. Nothing has been in my hands. I mean I got pregnant with natural triplets on birth control, now much more out of my hands can it get.

I have been in pure survival mode. This just landed in my lap, implanted in me. This has been the single most difficult thing I have had to endure.
It has taken its toll on me. Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.
I have been constantly sick since the beginning, still can barely keep anything down. Before I found out I was pregnant, my hormones almost led me to admit myself to a mental hospital.
In this crazy ride of “letting go of the steering wheel”, we are now asked to make choices on their behalf. Constantly being pressured to do selective reduction. Told its irresponsible to go ahead with pregnancy.
Well. I choose them. I want them, more than ever. (8 children! How insane is that???)
I continue to fight for them. For them to have a fighting chance.

I feel like a mother tiger, a mama lioness, protecting my cubs. Just try and harm them. Hear me Roar.

Thanks to all of the people around the world, who are praying for me at this very moment. We went to a special man, Rav Toib I. Israel who has been right on from the beginning. He told us that we would have a boy when we had Shalev. He now told us that we had 3 girls, and he was right. He is really plugged in above. He told us to add the Hebrew letter Yood to my name, so please pray for Geuliyah Shomrona bat Leah Rachel. I am full of beautiful souls inside of me. I feel them move, feel their energy, it fills me. Every ounce of me.
While you read this, I’ll be in surgery, and put my body and soul into Hashem’s hands.
It will take a miracle. But I expect it. Heck, I demand it!

Please help us with your prayers.

ישימכן אלוקים כשרה, רבקה, רחל ולאה
יברככן ה׳ וישמרכן
יאר ה׳ פניו אליכן ויחונכן
יישא ה׳ פניו אליכן
וישם לכן שלום

During this time, the nine days, I am trying to rebuild the bet hamikdash by spreading Ahavat chinam, increasing love and faith, one brick at a time.



36 thoughts on “Intrauterine Laser Surgery

  1. Best of everything, Geuliya! I have worked closely with Yuval in the past, and he is truly an Angel in human clothing. I pray for you and your family. I’m inspired by your faith and your bravery. Bsorot tovot.

  2. Geuliyah, I am praying for you as I write this. G-d is good. I have 9 children, so know it can be done! I pray these three new ones survive and thrive!

  3. Since hearing I have been dovening for you, for your boobahs. So much messier at nefesh to be an ema at all and so many tefilot. Naturally occurring triplets are just not natural sweetie. It is AWESOME and divine and amazing. I know you know how much Hashem loves and trusts you and Chanan. So i say Fight for them, cry for them, laugh for them and know so so many people are praying and crying and laughing with you. I am dedicating my shiurim for you and thinking of you and sending the sweetest vibes I can. Love, love, praying all is already great!

  4. גאולה יקרה,
    אנחנו איתך! יהי רצון שיעמדו לך כל הזכויות של התינוקות שליווית את כניסתם לעולם בכזה חן. מתפללת,
    שמחה כל כך לקרוא את מה שאת כותבת, תמשיכי.
    באהבה, טלי.

  5. Geula, we are davening and thinking of you. You are in good hands with yuval.may every one of your children live happily and with pure joy and health together with their beautiful parents for many many years. Feel good rest up and keep us updated.
    All the best,

  6. Geula, you, your babies and all the family are in my prayers.
    I consider your father a wonderful friend. I have had the privilege of meeting your mother.
    You have a wonderful family who do so much for Am Yisrael. I feel that HaShem will help you and you will have three new beautiful babies.


  7. Geula….it’s cousin Gail from California…..Phyllis and I are praying for you and I have asked our Cantor to also to send out a special prayer. Know that our thoughts are with you your babies, your children, husband and parents. May they all be blessed. Love…Gail

  8. Beautifully written, touching and we pray for you , the three girlies and all the members of the family. May His strength and life fill you hour by hour, day by day… till their coming into this beautiful land.

  9. you are so strong and so inspiring….stay strong and keep your spirits high…cannot imagine how hard this must be for you and the hormonal madness you have been going through….focus on the goodness and the blessings and right now on your already beautiful husband and children…and gain strength from all the love you have….u guys are in our tefillot…

  10. You are amazing. May Hashem reward your strength with more strength! Geuliyah – I love it! Praying for you and your sweeties.

  11. Geuliyah,- July 9th was my english birthday and so I did use any special powers i might have on this day to pray for you and your babies. Loved reading your blog 🙂
    Sending you all lots of love and light!

  12. i will daven for you! i hope all goes well with the surgery and you merit to enjoy all your beautiful babies for years to come!! My Identical twin girls also had TTTS so i know a little bit of what you are going through. I was also told to give up on my baby A that she wouldnt make it but i didnt!!! i roared too and guess what, shes now a happy healthy thriving 3 yr old BH!!! H-shem gave you these babies and he is going to take care of all of you! i wish you hazlacha in everything and a refua bkarov!! I look forward to hearing good new IY”H!

  13. True- we are not always in charge in life- this is clear- but our job is to move forward, riding the waves with faith and perseverance, grace and strength. May your journey be blessed and may your babies be protected. Our love and prayers are with you all day, every day. We live so close- never hesitate to let us know how we can help!

  14. Dear Geuliyah Shomrona (names have such koach!),
    I don’t know how I got your email but I am so moved, esp becos of the 9 days.. I don’t know you personally, but we are sisters in am yisrael, and your efforts at achdut have no higher midah tovah.. B”H a miracle will be galui, and you. your 3 new babies, and your entire family will live to bear witness to the power of prayer to the only ONe who can make things happen. He should give you and your family the koach to handle everything that is His will with emunah and shining love of Him and each other, all of us!! Bevirkat shalom uvracha anakit!! Rita-Rivka Lewy.

  15. Dear Geuliyah, Thanks so much for including me. My thoughts are with you during this trying time.I remember how tiny you were when you came into the world. Now you are an amazing young women with so much strength. I have you in my thoughts and wish we lived closer.I’d love to help you with the children. Our best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy. Love, Henny

  16. I’m praying for you and your beautiful family. May Hashem give you all strength and keep you all healthy.

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